Types and Descriptions of Hydroponic Systems

Growers and planters use different types of systems to grow their plants in hydroponics systems. The basic systems are wick, ebb and flow, drip, and NFT. Fogponics, aeroponics, and aquaponics also are types of hydroponic systems. The last three will be discussed as their own subpage. The subpages will discussed in more depth and have extra information.

Wick systems are the least complex of hydroponics systems. It is a passive system, meaning no moving parts are involved. The solution is pulled through the growing medium, from the reservoir. The system can use variety of growing mediums.


Ebb and flow system use individual containers filled with a growing medium. The growing medium holds the root system of the plants. The growing medium is a buffer holding water and nutrients reducing the risk of losing a crop.  This system reduces the damages that can occur through broken equipment and power failure. The growing bed which the holds the containers is flooded periodically to feed and water plants. It is flushed to drain freely and to pull oxygen into the rooted era. This system is low maintenance, high productivity, and is used by beginners and advanced gardeners alike.

hydroponiccooling-systems-12Top feed systems, or drip systems are used with a pumps and tubing to deliver nutrients to the top of the growing medium. The solution trickles over the medium and to the reservoir. Two systems compromise drip system. They are called recovery and non-recovery systems.  The recovery system allows for excess solution to be used. This system can recycle water over and over. A non-recovery system needs to have a prescience amount of water and keep excess to a minimum.hydroponiccooling-systems-10


N.F.T or Nutrient Film Technique, have a constant flow of solution. They solution is pumped into the growing tray, and over the roots.  This allows for increased productivity and yield. NFT use no growing medium or very little of it. Plants can suffer long term if power failure occurs. Plants are supported in plastic buckets, which allow roots to dangle.hydroponiccooling-systems-13


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