Hydroponic Planting Mediums and Descriptions of Types

Hydroponic Mediums

 There are copious amounts of different mediums that can be used to grow different types of plants. Mediums can be man made or organic.  Below are examples of mediums.


Oasis Cubes

oasis-cubesLightweight and preformed

Very popular medium from seed or cuttings

Used for propagation

Neutral pH and retains water

Can be transplanted into hydroponic society


Coconut Fiber


Totally organic

Powdered husks of coconut

Large oxygen capacity

Waste product of coconut industry

Superior water holding




Mined material, from volcanic glass, rapidly heated to more than 1600°F, water can vaporize and may tiny bubbles

Increase aeration and draining of soil

Used mostly in soil less mix

Used for wick type system

Relatively inexpensive   Can be used by itself or with mixture




Looks like a mica rock, when quickly heated, expands due to generation of inter laminar steam

Used with mixture of perlite (50/50 mix)

Retains moisture

Used in drip type systems





Porous Non degradable

Absorbs waters w/o holding nutrients

Composed of granite and limestone melted, and then spun

Formed in blocks, sheets, cubes, slabs, flocking


Soil less Mix


Contains things like Sphagnum moss, perlite, and Vermiculite

Considered organic

Used for wick, recovery and drip systems

Contains fine partials

Retain water well