Description and Information about Fogponics

Information about Fogponics

Fogponics or ultraponics has been around for a few years and has been a quicker way to get resources to plants.  This type of system is a subclass of aeroponics. This is due to the lack of growing medium. In fogponics no growing medium is used. The process of fogponics is self-explanatory.  A rooting chamber, is air tight, and keeps ultraviolet light out. The roots will be immersed in fog. The rooting box can hold as many or as little plants desired of the grower. Once the plants are placed in the chamber, an electric fogger can be added.fogponics-23

The electric fogger or mist maker are available in a variety of sizes and pressures. The mist maker or electric fogger transform water and can add nutrition to the fog solution. The solution is vaporized, and uses an atomizer to break down the water into mist. A fogger or mister can come with 1- 10 disk heads. The fog is produced by a pin oscillating at two million vibrations per second.  The droplet size can range from 5-30 micron droplet size. Sometimes growers use small fans to circulate the mist.  The fog continually waters and feeds the roots of the plant. The rooting chambers must be air tight and closed completely. Any small hole can jeopardize the mist, by escaping.

A problem associated with foggers is nutrient buildup. The disks in a fogger or mister can become crusted. Disks should be cleaned regularly. A potential way to end this problem is applying a Teflon coating. The Teflon coated disk is easier to clean and in not expensive to replace.fogponics-22-22